Big as a Giant Snail USED BOOK

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Big as a Giant Snail
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Jess Keating
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DeGrand, David
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Knopf Books for Young Readers
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Go big or go home! Meet the biggest weirdos on Earth in this colosally cool collection from the team that brought you Pink Is For Blobfish.

It's a big wide world, full of critters that are larger than life! Sure, there are the usual suspects: blue whales, polar bears, elephant seals . . . but others will take you by surprise. The giant snail, for instance, or the ginormous Atlas moth. Like Pink Is for Blobfish and Cute as an Axolotl, Big as a Giant Snail will cover a wide variety of species, while subtly delving into misconceptions and stereotypes associated with size. Best of all? These tall tales are totally true!
"Awe-inspiring... This work fits into so many lessons, from endangered species to climate change and habitat preservation, that it’s hard to imagine a collection that would not benefit from having it on its shelves." —School Library Journal

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