Book Buying and Store Credit Policies

When Do We Buy Books?

If you have a small collection of books to sell (~30 or less) you can bring them in any time during our open hours.

For larger collections we request that you click here to make an appointment or contact us at before bringing the books to the store.


What Types of Books Do We Buy?

We tend to be very selective about the books we carry. We look for gently-used titles and our areas of greatest interest are Literary Fiction, Science, Psychology, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Cultural Studies, but we will happily look through any collection! We prefer full-sized paperbacks to hardcovers or mass-markets and rarely buy textbooks or old/antiquarian copies. 

What Do We Offer for Books?

The amount of store credit or cash that we offer is based on book condition, current inventory, title demand, and store sell price. On average, we offer customers 33% of our predicted selling price in store credit (around $2-$4 per book for adult titles) or 25% of our predicted selling price in cash (around $1-$3 per book for adult titles). 

How Does Store Credit Work?

Store credit can be put towards 100% of used book purchases but cannot be applied to the cost of any new book purchases.

Can You Use Store Credit for Online Orders?

Yes! Store Credit can be applied to online orders at the same rates as described above. However, we do not upload your customer information to our website so you won't be able to apply the store credit yourself. Instead, please include a comment with your order that tells us "I have store credit I would like applied to this order under the name of [your name here]". Once the order is submitted and processed we'll apply your store credit and reduce/refund the charge as necessary.


If you have any questions about our policies please call us at 919-908-8368!

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