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What is the Golden Fig Patreon?

Our Patreon is the place to go for anyone looking to join our mission of building a sustainable, book-loving community in the Triangle! Patreon's platform offers monthly subscriptions that allow us to build relationships with one another even after you leave the book nook with your latest haul. It also helps us create the income and support we need to navigate the uncertainties of operating a small, local business.

Why support Golden Fig through Patreon? 

Bookselling is known for large variations in sales throughout the year, so monthly subscriptions help us to stabilize our income in a sustainable and reliable manner. Every pledge through our Patreon provides us with vital breathing room to focus on bookselling, and most importantly, on our valued relationships with readers and authors.

How much does it cost?

The great thing about our Patreon is that it allows you to set a monthly pledge amount that works for you! From $1 to $1 million, we appreciate any amount of support and are excited to include as many people in our Patreon family as possible.

What comes with a Golden Fig Patreon subscription?

A monthly pledge of any amount lets Patrons:

  • See Golden Fig's behind-the-scenes content, reviews, and special projects.
  • Access our online book forum where you can chat any time with store employees and fellow patrons about the books that you love (and the books you don’t love so much)!
  • Leave your mark on the kinds of books future readers discover in our store by submitting community recommendations.
  • Convert any store credit they have into Patreon Credit that applies 100% to both used and new books
  • Attend our Patreon Book Club where we discuss our GF pick of the month

‪You can also join one of our fictional neighborhoods that come with monthly store credit deposits or your very own Golden Fig Book Detective. A Book Detective gathers clues about your specific reading tastes and hunts tirelessly for books you'll enjoy. Your detective will serve as a companion to your reading life, helping you to uncover fresh and wild leads through the world of books!‬

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We are grateful to have many dedicated, loyal customers in the Triangle, where people are passionate about shopping local. It is our privilege to create a special space for the enjoyment of books in Durham!

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